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Project of Grocery Distribution in the Holy month of Ramadan in 2012.

Project of Grocery Distribution in the Holy month of Ramadan in 2012.

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„The most beloved of people according to Allah is he who brings most benefit, and the most beloved of deeds according to Allah the Mighty, the Magnificent, is that you bring happiness to a fellow Muslim, or relieve him of distress, or pay off his debt or stave away hunger from him.“(Tabarani). Among all the ways in which Islam promotes helping and cooperation among Muslims is compassion, tolerance and joint action in helping the poor and people who are afflicted with hardships. On this basis, in the first days of Ramadan in 2012, a month of giving and blessings, the Office of the Muslim World league in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Princess Al-Jawhara Cultural Centre in Bugojno have organized a package distribution to the socially vulnerable, poor and people in need.

Packages have been distributed and shared in Sarajevo, Bugojno and Donji Vakuf. To these families who live under difficult circumstances, we wanted to ease the burden of the difficult economic situation they are facing. The packages contained variety of groceries including: sugar, makaroni, cooking oil, flour, coffee, seasoning, salt, sugar cube, Turkish delight, juice, marmelade, cayenne pepper, rice, spaghetti, dates and meat. The number of families who participated in this project reached a number of 400. Families from Sarajevo, Bugojno and Donji Vakuf were happy for receiving the packages in the Holy month of Ramadan. They prayed to Almighty Allah, to grant only the best to the people who help them in this Holy month.

We would like to point out that the program was covered by the printed media and television.

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