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Muslim World League condemns Al-Minya attack in Egypt

Muslim World League condemns Al-Minya attack in Egypt Featured

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The General Secretary of the Muslim World League has condemned the brutal armed attack that happened in Al-Minya province in Egypt, which resulted many deaths and injuries for innocent people.

The General Secretary of the Muslim World League confirmed in a statement that such a criminal work reflects the misery situation for the extreme terrorism and shows its treachery methods and how far it is from noble values and good manners.

Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa، the Secretary General of the Muslim World League، confirmed in the statement the Muslim World League attitude to such a brutal action، which does not belong to Islam at all and classified as one of the most heinous crimes of humanity.

Dr. Al-Issa also stressed that such criminal acts and actions will not adversely affect the real high values of Islam، which call for tolerance، coexistence، intimacy and love in general and he clarified that all real Muslims are against the acts of these terrorist groups.

Sheikh Muhammed called on all sectors of the Egyptian society to join together and confront those terrorist criminals who tries to spread discrimination and destabilize security and stability and he expressed his condolences to the Egyptian government and people in general and to the families of the victims in particular، and asked God Almighty the healing for those who were injured and wounded.

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