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Women's Association ‘ASR’ Organized A Public Discussion Titled:Hijab - My Choice, My Identity, My Right’

Women's Association ‘ASR’ Organized A Public Discussion Titled:Hijab - My Choice, My Identity, My Right’ Featured

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On January 31, 2017, The public discussion titled: Hijab - My Choice, My Identity, My Right’, was held at the amphitheatre of the Princess Al-Jawhara Cultural Center in Bugojno. It was organized on the occasion of World Hijab Day observed on February 1, by the women’s association ‘ASR’, which is the part of Bugojno Islamic Community Majlis.

Dr. Dževada Šuško, Director of the Institute for the Bosniak Islamic Tradition, and MSc Svetlana Bajić, Adviser at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, participated in the discussion.

World Hijab Day is an annual event that takes place on February 1. The very first World Hijab Day was celebrated in 2013. Founded by Nazma Khan, it is a worldwide event that encourages Muslim and non-Muslim women to wear the hijab, and experience life of a Hijabi woman. It focuses on fighting bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice against Muslim women because wearing a hijab is a personal choice.

In 2013, many people celebrated World Hijab Day in countries, such as: Great Britain, Australia, India, Pakistan, Germany, and France.

In 1983, Meliha Bosnawi was the first Bosniak woman to cover herself, which gave rise to a number of controversies in former Yugoslavia. Shortly before the war broke out in 1992, a number of Islamic women began emphasizing the

need for the reintroduction of covering.More and more women nowadays are covering themselves and many of them hold important positions in society.

World Hijab Day seeks to shed some light on the hijab origins and the reasons for wearing one, as well as creating awareness about the hijab as an Islamic women’s right.

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