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An Educational Seminar for Imams and Khateebs

An Educational Seminar for Imams and Khateebs Featured

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On Tuesday the 12th of April 2016 an educational seminar for Imams and Khateebs from the region was held at the Cultural Centre of the Princess Jawhara in Bugojno. The main theme of the seminar was “the Art of Khutba”. At the beginning of the seminar the general director of the regional office of the Rabita, Shaykh Rahmatulla Qari, welcomed everyone and wished them a pleasant stay at the Centre.

The key speakers of the seminar were mr. Vehid Arnaut, the principal Imam of the Bugojno Majlis (MIZ), dr. Enes Ljevaković, the Mufti of Sarajevo, dr. Ahmed Adilović, the Mufti of Travnik and mr. Mevludin Dizdarević, lecturer at the Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy in Zenica. The Mufti of Sarajevo elaborated on various rules and regulations related to Friday prayer (salat al-Jumu’a). Mr Dizdarević spoke about his experiences of delivering Khutbas over many years and offered a number of important and helpful tips for delivering a successful Khutba.

Towards the end of the seminar the Mufti of Travnik, dr. Ahmed Adilović, underlined the significance of the seminar’s topic and informed the participants of the most important activities and news concerning Imams who operate in the region.

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