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The conference opening ceremony in Sarajevo, entitled: „The Muslim family: rights and obligations“

The conference opening ceremony in Sarajevo, entitled: „The Muslim family: rights and obligations“ Featured

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In the presence of Reisu-l-ulema and Grand Mufti from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Secretary General of Rabita, The Muslim Wolrd League, the International conference in Sarajevo entitled: „The Muslim family: rights and obligations“ was opened.

Sarajevo, 9th of May, 2016. 

His excellency the Secretary General of Rabita, the Muslim World League and member of Council of Senior Ulama respected prof. dr. Adbullah b. Abdulmuhsin el-Turki has opened the conference entitled: „The Muslim family: rights and obligations“

The members who attended the opening ceremony were: Reisu-l-ulema and Grand Mufti IZ in Bosnia and Herzegovina, mr. Husein ef. Kavazovic, as well as Nj.E. prof. dr. Abdullah el-'Ubejd, the first counsellor of Secretary General and all competent council members of Muslim World League.

The main sponsor of this conference is The Muslim World League, Rabita in cooperation with Rijaset of Islamic community of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference has lasted for two days, which is held in the hotel Bristol in Sarajevo on 9th and 10th of May this year.

The opening speech was reading the Quranic ayah and Kerim. After the introduction part, mr. Nusret ef. Abdibegovic who is the director of Administration for religious affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina made a speech. In his speech he explained the importance of this conference which include all fields affecting the Muslim families in religious terms and pure religion Islam which arrange all regulations and standards required for a Muslim family.

The harmony between spouse is the main principal for stability of the family in Bosnia and Herzegovina said mr. Abdibegovic. It was also emphasized that one department of Islamic community Rijaset in Bosnia and Herzegovina cares about family, its future, rights and obligations. According what the director of Administration for religious affairs said they hope that this conference will achieve its objectives in terms of identification and critical analyses and discussion of the current state of a muslim families as well as to enhance the relationship between married couples and also to express the importance of the Sharia marriage and also raising awarness of challenges facing them and their families.

The next speech was held by a respected doctor Mustafa Fetic, the lecturer at the Islamic Pedagogical Faculty in Novi Pazar. Doctor Fetic claimed that the family is a source of happiness and therefore all scientists should devote their research on the topic of family, of its condition, to introduce the challenges and also to find a solution in order to strengthen and assure the comunity.

They also said that the Delegates of the conference will present their reports on various issues and fields about Muslim family. After his speech the doctor Fetic expressed his gratitude to the Muslim World League and Rijaset of Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina for making such a meeting in Sarajevo.

After that, his Excellency the ambassador of KSA in B&H Dr. Hani b. Abdullah Mumineh addressed all present. In his speech, he emphasized that family is the basic cell of the society and the backbone of the community. Related to that, as he said, Islam laid the strong foundation which secures the power and survival of the family in the society. It is proven that secular organization and certain scientific achievements have contributed to weakening and even destroying honor institution family, losing love and compassion between spouses, and seducing young population. Because of that, Muslims need to strengthen the awareness and the knowledge of Islamic rules related to the family and in that way respond to modern world challenges and reduce tensions between the reality and certain ideological circuits.

Afterwards, Grand Mufti and Head Mufti of IC in B&H Mr. Husein ef. Kavazovic welcomed all present. He also emphasized that Muslim family is considered to be the supporting structure and the carrier of the society. By making the family stronger we also make our society stronger. The healthy family spread noble and honor human qualities, so Islam has taken care of the family by explaining its rights and obligations, and by regulating the relations. Respect Grand Mufi also explained how modern society, by using means of communication and information, tempt the family and weaken it. In his speech, Grand Mufti pointed out the importance of this conference hoping that it will offer numerous directions and guideline to the Muslim family that will help it to develop and to be useful to the community. He prayed Exalted Allah to acknowledge and bless all efforts and wished this conference to be successful and thanked the head director of Rabita of Islamic words and all the guest who took part in the organization and holding the conference.

At the end, his excellency the head secretary of Rabita of Islamic world Dr. Abdullah b. Abdulmihsin el-Turki held a speech. In his speech, Dr. Turki repeated that, according to Islamic rules, the family has certain rules and obligations. Religious and secular guidelines come from the family and that’s the reason why the family is considered to be the backbone of the society. Head secretary in his speech invited all Muslim world countries to pay homage to the family the society and provide necessary means for its development and protection from challenges it faces.

After that, the first presentations are given by conference delegates.

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