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The Arabic language course

The Arabic language course

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The Arabic language is the language in which the Noble Quran has been revealed to God's Messenger s.a.a.w. and his life and work (Sunnah) has been written in this language.

This is an official language for more than 350 million of Arabs who are living on two world's continents. The Arabic language is a cultural reference for over a billion of Muslims living in different parts of the world.

Some of them can speak the Arabic language while others aren't familiar with it. They are making every effort to learn it because of praying, religious rituals and worship. People who are taking a pilgrimage to the Kaaba are the main evidence of this.

A million of people are praying in the Arabic language while others who don't speak this language they are praying and hoping to learn it one day.

The Arabic language is one of the main official languages widely recognized by many international institutions and organizations such as Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (ISESCO), African Union and Institutions of United Nations, where the Arabic language is one of the six official languages in the world.

Therefore, it isn't surprising that people show a great interest about the Arabic language.

The General office of the Muslim World League and the Cultural Center of Princess Al-Jawhara are, for sure making a great effort through different programs and activities in teaching and spreading the language of the Holy Quran to those who don't speak the Arabic language.

The attention is put on choosing an appropriate teaching techniques as well as focusing on the most important things related to the language.

The program begins with learning as well as writing an Arabic alphabet, then they learn the grammar, syntax and later they practice speaking.

The Arabic language course consists of several grades while at the end they can notice their improvement in the Arabic language which includes writing, reading, comprehension and speaking.

The program of this course is made according to the edition of the book „Arapski pred tobom“ written for those who don't speak the Arabic language.

The first grade includes: greeting and introduction, family members, place of residence, daily life, food and drinks and also praying.

The Second grade includes: education, job, shopping, weather, people and places.

The Third grade includes: hobby, travel, The Hajj, health and vacation

The Fourth grade includes: healthcare, holiday, wedlock, life in the city, science and education.

Teachers are using a laptop and projector on their lessons, to make it easier for everyone to see each page of the book and also to keep an eye on the topic that they are doing.

Thus, this book is a multimedia CD presentation designed just for this purpose to facilitate learning and interaction between teachers and students.

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